Ckin Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2004 in the city of KARACHI, the business hub of Pakistan .

We started with a vision to establish its business in the field of dermatology. Slowly but steadly we moved ahead & included Cosmetology in our line of action. We developed a culture of commitment with our emoployees, customers & all who are related to us or our business.

Today Ckin Pharamceuticals is combining hands with a world renewed company Pharmaceris. Here we bow our heads before Al mighty ALLAH for granting us the honour to be a part of a company which is turning into reality towards the SUCCESS.

Our vision is to enable preety skin for every one ! For that we are struggling hard to bring new technologies & therapies in the field of DERMATOLOGY & Aesthetic . We pray to Allah to shower HIS blessings on Pakistan, CKIN family & all who are related to us. Ameen!

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