Recommended for adults and children (aged 5 and older) to protect and nourish vitiligo-affected and depigmented skin during the day. It minimises the risk of sunburns and to prevent further enlargement of discoloured patches of the skin. It can be used with NB-UVB lamp.


Based on the unique synergy of rosmarinic acid and thioproline, this specialised product reduces visible signs of vitiligo. The complex interacts with skin cells to provide antioxidant protection (patent no. 402105), and prevents mitochondrial dysfunction caused by oxidative damage, which is one of the causes of vitiligo. It suppresses inflammatory responses by reducing concentrations of IL-6 – a molecule which plays a key role in the skin depigmentation process (patent application no. 407256). The product has restorative properties as it protects and minimises damage to pigment cells. Naringenin silences the genes responsible for vitiligo (Bmal1, Per1). It activates the mitochondrial network to reduce the risk of aggravating the symptoms of dermatosis. The synergistic combination of the active ingredients initiates the repigmentation process leading to a gradual evening out of the skin tone. The complex keeps the patches from growing and the skin colour contrast from becoming more pronounced, as well as prevents the development of new vitiligo lesions. VDR stimulates the vitamin D receptor, a key factor in vitiligo treatment, to restore the optimal protective barrier. Photostable filters provide very high protection against UV radiation.


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